is a co-production between two artists:Ivo Moreira — BASSANTI (PT) & ASTRONAUTA MECANICO (BR)

Zig Zag Sheriff  is an organic and permeable project that wishes to adapt itself to the scenario where it is presented.
it is mostly a live performance project that includes video projection, animation, live painting/drawing,
photography and music, either indoors or out on the streets. it is an exotic, sometimes awkward mixture of art, day-to-day life, adjective overdoses and travelling experiences, a melting pot of different soups put together
on the same plate with a generous amount of spice and absurd humour.
basically, it is a genuine excuse to have fun and celebrate.

last presentations: gängeviertel, hamburg-de [arte ocupa lisboa, paris e também hamburgo ] + rauchhaus, berlin-de.

presentation / hamburg_de [ arte ocupa lisboa, paris e também hamburgo / um projeto de Carlos Henrich ]
created / ilha de tavira_pt
animated / lisboa_pt
dubbed / berlin_de

AVAV 10: Le Libre: quand on deplie une chose, elle s’ouvre sur ell même. + AVAV 11: A Lebre